Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ah, Birthdays

I turned 29 on Thursday. It was a weird birthday for me - the first birthday where I woke up alone - in my own place. The Mutters was even visiting the ex, so it was quiet and I had to wait till I got to work before anyone wished me a happy birthday. At work, they publish all employee birthdays on our intranet site, so it's impossible to keep it a secret.

Oh right - I'm back at work. It has been a while. After three months of glorious nothing, I decided it was time. So I went back, and took a new job at my old company. It's sort of a big step in that I'm managing a group of people who are specialists in things I know virtually nothing about. It's challenging - and I think I'll be good at it. I'm stressing myself out initially though, because I'm the type of person who wants to know everything all at once and fix everything that needs to be fixed right away. At least when I have a plan, I'll feel better.

So yeah,I'm back at work. My new team bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my birthday, even though they barely know me yet - they're good people. I got yummy cupcakes from a good friend, complete with candles. And on the being back at work note, it's amazing how much the same everything is there. But it's comforting in a way. And I'm glad I didn't decide to go work for a really corporate white walls, cubicles, florescent lighting, Office Space type company. It was a bit weird being "the one who came back" for a while, but now it's honestly like nothing's changed. And that's good.

I feel old though - 29. I was reading through a bar/lounge/pub guide which described the clientele at some of my favourite hangouts as "mid twenties" - I realized I'm not in that age bracket anymore, and that was just strange. 30 will be a scary birthday - but I'm not quite there yet.

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