Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Great Roommate Search 2009

I should have mentioned that it's just me and the kids (pets), again. Another relationship over. Starting from scratch again. It's ok - it's probably good, even. And I have learned a lot about what I will not be okay with next time, so that's something. But I'm overwhelmed. Broke, in the middle of a very demanding semester in a very demanding program, and with a couple of furry dependents no less. So, because moving just seemed too daunting, I'm going to ride out the semester here and I'm trying to find me a roommate. If they're awesome, maybe I'll stay longer. If not, I'll move us all to somewhere new in May, when school's out and I actually have a job.

So - Operation Roommate. I first used Facebook. Friends of friends, right? Six degrees of separation and all that. Which yielded a few international inquiries, but I'm not renting out my place over email to anyone. Too dicey. Next stop, Craigslist. Eeeek. Really opening 'er up to the crazies. Yesterday, a woman in her late forties came over to see the place. She is a medical student, and an ordained minister. She's taken vows that mean she won't drink, use any intoxicants and.. well, she trailed off after that, so I'm not even sure what else. She wanted to do "treatments" in her room for her clients. She wanted to share kooky hippie food. And of course, she loved me, she loved the place, she even loved Siris giving her a tongue bath. She was pretty much begging me to let her move in. I need the money, but am I that desparate? No, not quite yet, I don't think.

Also from Craigslist, I've talked to some promising people over the phone. They're going to come and see the apartment and meet the kids and I tomorrow, so here's hoping one of them is more my speed. With each person that is interested, I feel as if I'm on some bizarre roommate game show - do I keep who I have... OR DO I RISK IT ALL AND HOPE THERE'S SOMEONE BETTER WHO SURFACES? After all, it will only be the next three months of my life right? Here's hoping fate is on my side.

I need to buy some firelogs to make the place look all cozy-like, and exercise the crap out of the mutters so she's on her best behaviour for our potential new roomie at our next unveiling.

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