Monday, September 21, 2009

My crazy life

The long absence in blogging has been due to me being insanely busy once again. I spent most of August working 65 hours a week - when it rains it pours! I had a month long full time vet clinic gig, and am still there working Saturdays. Back to just one day a week at doggie school. And I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding that has been eating up what little free time I have. School's started again, and that means eaaaarly mornings, long commutes, lots of hitting the books, and learning at warp speed. I'm a little overwhelmed, but I will remember try to remember that yes, I have a blog, and yes, writing is fun and cathartic and not actually *that* much work.

Having said all that, because I'm exhausted today - I'm copping out with just a few pictures that describe my life as of late. These are cell phone shots, so excuse the bad quality!

Sunrise at Finch Station. I won't divulge just how early this was taken.

Out the bus window: green acres and nothingness in King City, Ontario.

Baby calves! They are so cute it's unbelievable, and they follow us around like dogs and suck on our coveralls, and we get to bottle feed them. Fun!

My group's cat Sterling, who is available for adoption and wants to go to her new home straight from school in mid-October. Spread the word. She is a sweetheart, a purr machine, and very kitten-esque in personality. Make her yours!

More to come when I'm better rested, when the wedding is over, and hopefully before reading break.

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