Saturday, July 30, 2005

Off to the lake

In a few short hours, I'll be just outside of Bancroft, Ontario at a lakefront cottage with my friends. I'll be pretty much spending an entire week doing nothing but hanging out with some of my favourite people - lounging, boozing, swimming, reading, and trying to get a little sun so I'm not so damn pale anymore.

This place is sight unseen save for a few internet pictures so here's hoping it's not a total disaster - being as I planned the whole thing and I don't want to have to answer to anyone who's unhappy about anything. Mostly I'm wishing for no neighbours on either side, or at least neighbours who don't care if we're loud and rowdy, neighbours who love dogs but don't have one, neighbours laid back enough to not mind it if Siris runs all over their property like a lunatic.

There's no phone up there. No internet connection. And my most ambitious goal each day may be to read a chapter or so of my book. And that sounds perfect to me.

P.S. Victor is actually 41 by the way, cares very deeply about the difference between egoism and egotism, and has decided we ought to consider going into business together - running a boarding facility for dogs up in the country. Weird. And thanks to Victor, the king of self-help books, an old and ratty version of
Keeping the Love You Find is sitting on my coffee table right now.

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