Sunday, September 04, 2005


Just look at this sad, sad photo of my beautiful girl, Siris, wearing what will be her latest fashion accessory come end of October, thanks to Michael Bryant, Ontario's idiot Attorney General, and our moronic Liberal government.

She looks petrified. She looks like she's saying "why are you doing this to me?"

But you know, it's this or run the risk of having her seized and euthanized. Our province has passed a law banning pit bulls, and by pit bulls they really mean any dog that looks remotely like a pit bull. Honestly. The law says if your dog even looks like a pit bull, it counts, unless you can prove otherwise.

Of course, many of us are fighting it. People are putting up websites and calling their MPs, and never voting Liberal again. Groups and private citizens are funding a legal challenge - and the case will go to court in about eight months and hopefully, hopefully things will change. In the meantime, Siris needs to get used to wearing a muzzle, and I will need to get used to an onslaught of verbal abuse every time I walk my dog.

And through this whole upsetting ordeal, I'm continually inspired by those who are helping, who are organizing events, getting the word out, and fighting tooth and nail for our rights and for our dogs.

BannedAid could use any financial support for the legal challenge - if you happen to win the lotto this week, please remember them.

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Angelica said...

hello solo girl id love to stay in contact with you about this whole pitbull thing..people and friends send me things to add to my site about this topic ive beenhaving problems uploading should be done if you know anyone or any info please send it my way so i can add it to my news part ~!