Sunday, December 18, 2005

December Rage

December is a cruel, cruel month. It starts out okay...and then you realize you have some type of holiday shindig every single night, no time to do your Christmas shopping, you haven't even thought about mailing out cards, your workload is insane, and oh yeah, it's fucking cold out there. And everyone is in such a hurry all the time, because they're all just trying to keep up.

I catch myself getting absolutely enraged if someone brushes by me on the sidewalk. Things that normally only slightly annoy me (like bikes on the sidewalk, or the Dufferin bus) are becoming all-out infuriating. I caught myself muttering something not very nice in someone's general direction at the mall yesterday. A tiny ball of rage is welling within me, and it's starting to freak me out. I momentarily considered changing the name of this blog to surly-girl.

I haven't even hit the family time portion of December yet. Received a card in the mail from my parents last week that said "Hope to see you on the 25th. Will call." "Hope?" Where else am I going to be on Christmas Day?

Although, I set an all-time record for Most Efficient Holiday Shopping yesterday - all gifts, 3 hours. My tips? Giant headphones, loud music, and a very brisk paced walk. I'm an expert crowd weaver. No hemming and hawing over gifts - if you initially think the recipient might like it, go with it - they will (and if they don't, they can always return it.) And also, smile a lot, or someone might kill you. Because everyone else out there is feeling the same thing, but if you flash them a smile, they realize maybe they're overreacting.

Everything's wrapped, the holiday parties are mostly done - presents await you - you're almost in the clear. Get through the work-crazyness and you're home free.

Is it January yet?

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