Sunday, December 04, 2005

I Heart Toronto

Really. Sometimes I can't imagine not living here. And I've decided that I simply need to have my digital camera with me at all times. All times. Or I'm going to miss something amazing.

Like yesterday, when on my way down to the subway platform at Bloor Station, I saw the best buskers ever. Two guys dressed up in convict jumpsuits, with army boots and actual balls and chains around their ankles, one playing a banjo, one playing a guitar; both singing Bluegrass tunes. They had a crowd around them and people clapping and cheering, and little kids dancing, and everyone tapping their feet, and I thought, "Holy crap, how lucky am I that I get to see this?"

A co-worker of mine was in the crowd watching, and said he'd been standing there for the past twenty minutes just watching and listening and feeding them money and requesting Johnny Cash songs. And I was rushing, and really should have just hurried along on my way, but then they busted out some Hank Williams Sr, and I was just a goner.

It's amazing how much of an impact something as simple as two buskers playing songs on a subway platform can have on you. I'm just sad about two things -- I didn't have my camera with me to forever capture the experience, and I got there too late to hear
I Got Stripes.

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