Monday, November 13, 2006

Kevin Clarke

There's this crazy homeless guy who's always in my work neighbourhood, Kevin Clarke. He's colourful alright. He's loud, and opinionated and in your face and "fuck the man". But you can tell he's really smart. And also incredibly creative. When he's ranting about something, it has a bit of a beat. And his words sound good together - in a weird poetic spoken word kind of way. He wears crazy robes, and he talks to everyone - he gets right in there; he won't be ignored. Often you just try to get away from him pretty damn quick. But he seems very happy. And very informed, very political. He's running for mayor for his third time - election day today!

I ran into him outside the Gladstone yesterday where I was having a cigarette with a few friends, and he made up this whole kind of rap about things about us - what we were wearing, making up a bit of a story about us. And then he shook a little can, and hey, I kind of wish I'd had a twoonie in my pocket. And then, even though noone gave him any money, he walked away smiling because we had enjoyed his performance. So, maybe he's actually not that crazy.

I found
an old article from Eye about him which was pretty interesting. If you live in Toronto, I'm sure you know this guy - it's a good read.

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