Friday, November 17, 2006

My egomaniac of a dog

To this day, I still haven't been able to rid Siris of a really annoying habit she has. Whenever anyone walks by us on the sidewalk, if they're carrying a shopping bag, she absolutely has to check it out. People carrying shopping bags are awesome! Her tail's going crazy, she must make eye contact with the person, and then she can't resist turning her head and taking a sniff of the super amazing shopping bag, which is no doubt loaded with fantastic things that are all for her. If I wasn't paying attention, she'd probably have her head *in* the bag. These poor neighbours of mine, just trying to cart their stuff from point A to point B, end up with the biggest fan ever. And the look of disappointment on my poor girl when these people walk on by without acknowledging her or sharing their goodies- classic! Seriously - my crazy mutt thinks the entire world should be bringing her presents.

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M said...

What the blogging for months then 3 in rapid succession...I need a blog notification process here.