Monday, July 02, 2007

My new neighbour

A girl I used to work with has recently moved into my neighborhood and she's got a pitty mix type dog too. I didn't know her well when we worked together, but she was always this tough attitude-y type that you were kind of afraid of - fiercely independent, and fiercely disgruntled, always swearing and always ranting about something.

Today in the park she was sitting on a bench, listening to her headphones and singing out loud to herself. She waved and smiled at me when me and the mutters were passing them. And as we were walking away she said to her dog, "ok, I think it's time to let you off the leash. Now you be a good girl and if you see any other dogs you come right back to Mommy, ok?" I could barely believe she was talking to her dog like that, that she was referring to herself as "Mommy" in front of the whole neighborhood. And as I was thinking about how much she must have changed over the last couple of years, I heard this: "...I MEAN IT SWEETIE, YOU FUCK UP EVEN ONCE AND I'LL LOCK YOU UP!" She just meant, put the dog back on the leash tied to the bench, but it was sure hilarious.

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