Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blog Resurrection!

Oh, hi!

It seems I've forgotten to post anything in here in, uh, months. Bad, I know. But it's not like I've been doing nothing - I just haven't been writing about any of it. So let's catch up, shall we?

I moved: I don't live in a basement anymore! Yay! I moved in with the boy, and we both seriously upgraded - we have the best apartment either of us has lived in, ever, in a great neighbourhood, with lots of parks nearby for The Mutters. Aaaand, there are no crackheads anywhere in the vicinity that we can tell, which is another plus. Although we do have a downstairs neighbour that royally sucks, and we do suspect our house may have a ghost (not a mean one, though.) So, all in all, good trade-up. Apartments are much more affordable when there are two of you.

I went to Uganda. Yep, I took a two week trip to Uganda to volunteer... and it was amazing. Softchoice is doing the corporate social responsibility thing, and each year employees can apply to sit on the Softchoice Cares Board - which is a group of employees who oversee the company's philanthropic efforts for the year. So I was on it for 2007-2008, and we raised over $200K to support causes relating to bridging the digital divide. We built a computer labs in Cambodia, Laos and Nepal. At the end of our term, we got to go volunteer abroad. It was one of the best things I've ever done. I wrote a blog about it that you can check out here.

I quit Softchoice...finally. Yep, almost right after getting back from Africa. I hated dealing with the corporate politics. I hated not being able to help people who needed help, because it wasn't my job. I hated building Project Dashboards and presenting at Steering Commitees and Balanced Scorecard Reviews. I hated pretending I cared about items that were Red or Yellow. I hated spoonfeeding people what they needed to do and then getting pissed off when they didn't do any of it. I hated that I rarely cared about achieving any of my project goals. So I decided I just wasn't going to do it anymore... which brings me to the next big crazy thing...

I am back in school. I'm doing a two year college program so I can be a Registered Veterinary Technician. Because I'm clearly not cut out for the corporate world. And just because I can succeed there, doesn't mean I should. Vet Techs make next to nothing. But all of them that I know are amazing people who love their jobs. And hopefully that will be me, when I graduate. I'm going to Seneca College, and it's crazy being back in school when you've been out of it for so long. It was a big scary decision, but the plunge has been taken. Gulp.

I'm going to be a driver. I'm taking driving lessons and have a road test booked. I need to be able to drive to school because the commute to King City on public transit is fucking killing me. I never thought it would happen, but it's going to. Just as gas prices are hitting an all time high, I am joining the driving population. Weird.

So, yeah. Not too much new over here. Heh. Except, oh, pretty much everything. (except that, I'm not engaged nor am I preggers or anything, which seems to be going on all around me.)

Writing the Uganda blog made me realize how much I missed the blogging thing. So... I am back, and looking forward to sharing my adventures as a thirty two year old student in the midst of a massive career the same old Andria crapola as usual.

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