Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why love one but eat the other? has started a really cool campaign increasing awareness about the conditions farm animals are raised in and the target audience is subway riders in Toronto. Which is great, because whether you want to or not, if you're riding the subway, you're looking at the ads. Kind of controversial, but hopefully eye-opening for a lot of people who choose not to think about how what was once a cute little piglet ends up on their dinner plate.

The campaign is aimed at connecting our companion animals like dogs and cats to farm animals in terms of their similarities, and then exposes the suffering of farm animals in factory farms. Three different ads are featured, sharing information about pigs, cows, and chickens. I must admit I was majorly proud to be a vegetarian as I sat facing the pig themed ad yesterday on my ride downtown. You can view each of the ads on website, as well as watch video footage, read articles, get great veggie recipes, and learn about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

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