Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sayonara 2009

Well, I'll admit that I didn't love 2009. It was kind of a transition year. A year of ironing out a lot of my own kinks and a year of supporting a lot of friends as they ironed out theirs. A year of learning, in many ways. In life, at school. A year of getting wiser and more self-aware.

What I did this year:
  • I said goodbye to a relationship that wasn't working.
  • I moved, again.
  • I started working at a vet clinic; I assisted in my first surgery and my first euthanasia, and I didn't faint or bawl my eyes out (in front of anyone.)
  • I quit smoking (for good, this time.)
  • I strengthened friendships with a few key special people.
  • I volunteered more time than I ever have in a year.
What I didn't do this year:
  • Get away anywhere. I mean, I didn't go anywhere! Not even a cottage. I miss travelling. I miss that feeling of seeing something new and amazing for the first time.
  • Spend enough time with people I care about. School has sort of monopolized my life, and I've definitely been missing the face time with my friends. And while there have been lots of heart to hearts over the phone, and way more lengthy emails to friends than in previous years, it isn't the same. I miss the connection that comes from a face to face interaction with someone who I get and who gets me.
So I guess it's time for some goals for 2010. Resolutions if you will. Things I want to accomplish in the coming year, and maybe if I write them down they will be more real and then next year I can come back to this list and say "check!...check!...check!" and then create some more goals. Here's hoping.

Stuff I want in 2010:
  • To travel somewhere I haven't been before. Hopefully out of the country, if possible.
  • To meet my partner in crime. Uh, life, that is. Meet someone who makes me happy, who challenges me, who keeps me honest, who encourages and supports. And who lets me do that for him. And no settling! And definitely no letting anyone treat me poorly.
  • To write more. Four blog entries per month, minimum. Gulp. It's here in writing, so now it has to happen.
  • To unload some relationships that cause me more stress than happiness - and to put more effort into those that truly make me happy. And to put me first a lot more than I have in the past.
  • To pass the RVT registration exam in June, and find a clinic where I'll be happy and keep learning.
  • To start some sort of side business to help supplement the old bank account - crafting, dog training, dog walking, writing, whatever that may be.
  • To end 2010 living back downtown somewhere within walking distance to all the stuff I love, including my job.
Too much? Probably. But it's a good list, and I've always been the ambitious type. If I get halfway there I'll be in good shape. I've got a good feeling about 2010. A shift is coming.

Happy New Year, blogosphere!

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