Friday, May 14, 2010

I did it! School's out!

I hung in there. I studied my ass off. I put myself so far out of my comfort zone I almost forgot where my comfort zone was to begin with. I lived the commuting-three-hours-a-day nightmare. I learned A LOT. I made friends with a bunch of twenty year olds. I even got straight As across the board in my last semester. And of course, I nearly ran myself ragged, burning the candle at both ends for two years straight - trying to work two part time jobs, excel at school, still have some semblance of a social life, not to mention give my own pets the time of day. But I did it! I'm a Veterinary Technician! Finally!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not the braggy type, but I'm so fucking proud of myself, that I'm going to make an exception here. Yay me!

(Obviously, I've neglected the old blog. Boourns. Sorry about that. But did I mention I'm a Veterinary Technician?)

So right now I'm in full-on job search mode. I went to my first working interview this week, which was more than a little terrifying. A chat where I met the hiring manager and had to sell myself to the extreme. A tour of the clinic. Walking from room to room, trying to win over the various staff members I was introduced to one after the other. Being asked to demonstrate skills on various animals as I passed through. Take blood from this dog. Place an IV catheter in this one. With many eyes watching. No pressure. Not to mention some of these skills I've only had the opportunity to do a handful of times. Nope, not nerve racking at all. Heh. Well, I survived it, and I even think I did pretty well. It's a big hospital with a big team, and if I don't get the job, I won't be heartbroken, because just getting through that and not having a major anxiety attack or screwing up ridiculously is an accomplishment worth celebrating, for me. (But... if I do get it I think I might cheer out loud!)

Once I get full time work, I can finally quit my job at the other clinic, which I've been fantasizing about for a while now. I've still got the national Veterinary Technician registration exam to study for in July, so that I can get those lovely RVT initials after my name and the insurance, prestige, and $ that go along with it.

In a couple of months, I'm getting my own dog obedience classes to teach, finally, which I'm *so* excited about after years of being "just an assistant". I can think about moving back downtown once I'm more settled with work, and the prospect of a new apartment and a new neighbourhood make me super happy.

And, I'm going to join a baseball team! And I have time to see my friends again. And maybe start dating, even. I have my life back, and I'm so excited about what's next.

A little school nostalgia for you. Here's me (note the sexy coveralls!) with a cuddly little lamb born at the Seneca barn this spring:

Here's Moondrop and her new foal Cali - who is 3 days old in this picture!

And here's a short video of the Seneca flock... who are eager to eat some yummy grain which we were shaking around in bowls to entice them to run.

I'm actually missing the barn already. Weird.

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