Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hello Productivity!

This is going to be a productive week for me. I'll be going on several missions and accomplishing several tasks. Hopefully. As productive as a week can be for someone who's currently not working full time. So far, not bad. I've accomplished the following:
  1. Cleaned fish tank.
  2. Purchased 5 new fish - 2 of which, my lovely pearl gouramis, named George & Loretta, are dead already - I won't be going back to that pet store any time soon. Fish should come with warrantees. Owner negligence cannot be the reason if they die within 24 hours.
  3. Filed my income tax return (well before the deadline, I might add!). I'm getting a whopping $91 refund, which is next to nothing, but which I'm ridiculously happy about because I thought I was going to owe money.
  4. Scheduled my next career counselling appointment.
  5. Helped teach my 3 Tuesday dog classes.
Not an awful start, anyway. Oh, and discovery of the week is definitely Kicking Horse Coffee, which not only tastes fantastic but has that wonderful coffee aroma - now I need to purchase one of those programmeable coffee makers, so I can wake up to that every morning without having to put in a single bit of effort.

I'm planning to start jogging every day with the mutters, but I'm waiting for it to get a bit warmer. I have to walk her anyways, so why not give us both a little more exercise while I'm at it? The idea of me jogging is hilarious in itself, given that I'm not exactly the sporty/active type, and that I smoke half a pack of cigarettes everyday. We'll see how it works out. The weather is getting nicer and I think that spring might actually be around the corner. It's sunny, the snow is melting, and I hear birds chirping - all good signs. I rediscovered my Ella Fitzgerald CD today and it was the perfect spring day listen - happy, hopeful and lively. I'd forgotten how much I've missed it.

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