Thursday, March 17, 2005

On Inertia

If you can ever take a leave of absence from your job, I highly recommend it. That's what I'm doing right now - week 8 of a 6 week leave of absence. Heh. I just can't bring myself to go back to the grind, whatever grind that may be. Any work=grind, I suppose. I was doing a crappy job at a crappy job. I wasn't happy. I had savings, so I figured, I'll just stop doing it. That was 8 weeks ago. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. People keep asking me what I've been doing with my time. It's amazing how quickly time can pass when you haven't actually done that much.

Errands eat up so much of the days. For example, I've been trying to fix up my apartment. I'm obsessed with replicating the concept of
The Heavenly Bed. If you've ever slept at a Westin, you know what I'm talking about. And mind you it's just me and the dog sleeping there at the moment, but hell, nothing too good for me and the mutters. I believe in spoiling myself upon occasion, and I spend a lot of hours sleeping. So, swanky sheets and pillows purchased. And bedskirt, too. You know, just because.

I successfully micromanaged my landlords' handling of, uh, a rodent issue. No more holes in the bathroom walls, no more hearing strange noises in the night.

I went to Glasgow for a week to visit an old friend. Took in a week's worth of architecture, art, design, and culture. Figured out what tattoo design I'd get, if indeed I ever decided I wanted a tattoo. Went to Edinburgh again, and walked around the big Castle there. Took a lot of
photos that didn't come out as nicely as I'd hoped.

I'm also working a second night at the dog obedience school, to pick up some extra pocket change. (Swanky sheets, as you might have guessed, ain't cheap.) I'm teaching Siris how to master the
Weave Poles. Trying to teach her would be more accurate, actually.

I've been going to see a Career Counselor whose job it is to help me figure out what my next step is. Except that last week, I skipped my session and I have yet to reschedule it. I went into work last week to meet with our Director of Operations about some jobs, and all my old work friends just kept saying how happy I looked. That's what a leave of absence does to you - it's fantastic! So, there's a job I might want to do, but I might not. Today I watched Law & Order in French, rather than do my taxes. I understood most of it. And I've been meaning to set up a grooming appointment for the dog but for some reason, feel too lazy to even call and make the appointment. Sometimes it's good to do nothing. But sometimes, it gets boring. Tomorrow I'm going to kick myself in the ass and do something important.

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