Friday, May 12, 2006

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My computer is dead. I do not think it can be ressurrected. Then again, I'm a computer retard. I can't access any URLs. I am posting this on my lunch break from work.

Fuck you if you write computer viruses.
Fuck you if you exploit security vulnerabilities.
Fuck you if you make it difficult for me to identify security vulnerabilities.

But if you're just a nice person trying to find out what's up in Andria-land, then I'm deeply sorry for my absenteeism.

I will be purchasing a new computer real soon, I hope, so you'll have to hang on till then.

What have you missed?


Well, potentially many giant rants about how swamped I've been and how I wish I would just win the lottery already and move away to a beautiful tropical island and never have to work again, ever. EVER!

I can't handle it -- I'm going to my
happy place. I'll be there in a week - happy birthday to me.

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