Monday, August 07, 2006

I love you, E-bay

Ebay is wonderful, but a slippery slope. Tips I have learned over the years: best not to surf ebay when under the influence... don't bother bidding if you can't be at a computer when the auction ends...find out how much shipping will cost you before you register a your "final" bid with 25 seconds remaining in the your real final bid with 10 seconds quick and be nice - feedback counts.

Fun stuff that E-bay has brought me over the years:

Liz Phair - Supernova b/w Combo Platter 7" Record.
On pretty blue vinyl no less.

Helium - Hole in the Ground b/w Lucy 7" Record.
This is rare and won me tons of indie cred back in the day. Haven't listened to it in about 6 years now.

Various Sanrio themed personalized return mailing address stickers.
Nothing like slapping a Hello Kitty return label on your taxes.

The Blue Lotus Tintin Poster.
I even corresponded in French with this dude.

Weird Vintage Tintin's-Dog-Snowy Children's Pull Toy.
To this day I have no idea what compelled me to buy this.

Rocket Dog Shoes - Two pairs.
Both discontinued styles, brand new, ridiculously cheap, and four years later I've finally worn them out. Ebay, I'm a comin'. Again.

Puma Sneakers.
So I thought they were baby blue, and they turned out to be uh, teal. Still cool.

Fallen Angels Movie Poster.
One of the coolest movie posters ever. The seller was in Germany and this took an eternity to arrive but was well worth the wait.

PVC Agility Practice Jumps and Weave Poles.
Yeah, I have no backyard and occasionally convert my living room into an obstacle course for my dog. And let's not talk about the size of my living room. These purchases are why I caution you about confirming shipping charges before you bid.

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar with pick-up.
The mother of all Andria E-bay purchases, but I'd been in love with this guitar for years and never thought I'd ever see it again anywhere. Overshot my max bid price about 4 times and I still don't regret it.

Elvis Presley Blvd Street Sign.
I finally caved to the many many pages of Elvis paraphenalia on E-bay, and as much as I love this, I have banned myself from further Elvis themed E-bay shopping.

Camoflauge Cat Collar with bell.
Oh, Pacman--I'm sorry.

Hank Williams Sr International Fanclub vintage key chain.
I couldn't not.

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