Sunday, August 13, 2006

Things that always cheer me up

Meh. I hate when I get into feel-sorry-for-myself-mode. Things that always make me feel better:

This picture.
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Fuck, she's sooo cute, and sooo happy, I can't stand it.

Finding something new and hilarious at
The Onion.

This website. You can substitute part of the URL for someone's name and it sings a fabulous "You Got Owned" song that never fails to make me laugh my head off, coupled with funny slide show of people/pets in ridiculous situations. Never gets old.

Chixdiggit! (yes, the dorky punk rock band from Calgary, AB) Also, the Beach Boys.

Buying pretty things. Gah, I'm such a girl.

Calling up old friends.

Sunshine. I need to move out of this basement, stat.

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