Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cheap and Delicious for the Single Vegetarian

How have I been vegetarian for years, and not known about President's Choice Vegetarian Chili in a can? Being in school, I barely have time to cook, and it's a lot of work for just me - so I am always on the lookout for cheap, yummy and veggie friendly options and stumbled upon this. There's not just veggies and tomato sauce in here either - there's soy protein in this little bad boy! It's not frozen, which is nice, and heats up in a whopping three minutes. I top it with a bit of shredded cheese, and add a couple of pieces of crusty bread on the side for dipping, and there you go - all food groups, covered! For $1.49 a meal! And it tastes great, leaves me full and gives me back one hour+ in my day. Thank you Loblaws.

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