Monday, February 09, 2009

Damnit! (Roommate Search Continues...)

So I finally met someone decent who came to look at the apartment. After the crazy religious medical student lady came a couple of completely trashy flakey ladies, who both thought the room was too small for all of their stuff. And I was kind of losing hope and getting broker by the second, after them. But next came a pretty cool girl who came to look at it. She asked me what my pot policy was, pretty much. She had a cat that she wanted to bring with her. She had furniture that would fill my areas of furniture emptyness/weakness. It was all so delightfully easy. But moving your single cat into a home where there's a cat and a dog - well, that's a big change, and not something to take lightly. So today I got an email from her saying she wanted to find somewhere that her cat would be the only pet. Boooourns.

Back to the drawing board, I guess. I have another girl with a diabetic cat in the horizon somewhere. She's out of town on business this week so hopefully she gets in touch when she gets back and doesn't flake out all Craigslist-style. So many flakes. Free advertising sucks. Toronto Cat Rescue posts on there sometimes and now that I'm their Volunteer Coordinator, I get to deal with my fair share of Craigslist crazies.

Anyways, cross your fingers for me that woman-with-diabetic-cat is not a flake, and falls in love with us and with the apartment.

Also, think good thoughts for me making the drive out to good old King City this week. No ice-patches. No snow. No freezing rain. Think safe and uneventful. Three weeks to reading break.

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