Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fruit from Dorothy

For some inexplicable reason, my boss at the dog obedience school, Dorothy, has gotten into the habit of giving me fruit to take home every time I see her. I can't even remember when this started. One day, she was raving about some pears she'd had, and decided to give me one. I don't even like pears that much, but she seemed like she just wanted to share this pear experience with someone so badly, that I let her.

The next week, she followed up -- she wanted to know how the pear was. And what could I do but tell her how awesome it was, since she was so into it. She'd be offended if I didn't share her enthusiasm. And it really was good, I'm not gonna lie.

That night, I got two more pears from her. The next week, two pears and two tangerines. And so on. For some reason, she's pawning off all this fruit on me, and I'm not sure why. Does she think I don't eat enough? Does she think I can't afford fruit? It's really bizarre. She doesn't bring fruit for Ola, who works there with me. Just me. Only I get the fruit. It's lovely but weird. And I don't have to buy fruit anymore, which is also cool.

This week, Dorothy threw a couple of kiwis into the fruit bag. That's a new one - after a year of pears, apples and tangerines, suddenly kiwis! I wonder what it means...

"Do you like kiwis, Andria?" (quite pleased with herself) "I thought you might."

"Oh yes, Dorothy, I love kiwis!" I pretend kiwis are the best thing in the universe. "Thank you!"

Who knows what's coming next week. Random.


Fred said...

Hi Andria, you left a comment on my blog so I thought I'd come over and check yours out and now, reading this post and taking a closer look at your photo, I realize that we've met before in Dorothy's class. Stella graduated from there years ago although I bet half of the dog owners in Toronto probably tell you that.

Hope everything's good with you and it's good to hear Dorothy's still teaching.

80milliontimes said...

Hey Fred,

Yep, I remember Stella - am a total dane lover so I remember most of them :)

Found your blog when the whole THS media frenzy started and have been loving reading about the TAS doggies and dog politics in general...

Dorothy's little school is still going strong - we now do agility on Wednesday nights too. Loads of fun!