Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hooray for Investigative Journalism!

Someone finally wrote it! And published it! The piece (or rather series of pieces) that expose the Toronto Humane Society for what it is. Yessss, Kate Hammer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Basically the gist of it is this: The Toronto Humane Society is so busy keeping their euthanasia numbers low, that they're allowing animals to die, sick in their cages, when they could be humanely euthanised. Then, these cases don't count in their euthanasia numbers. Which they put on pretty charts and contrast against the City of Toronto Animal Control's euthanasia numbers, making them look like angels, and garnering more and more public donations. The Toronto Humane Society's management process appears to be such that shelter managers and workers get ultimate say on euthanasia, medical procedures, and care - not the veterinarians.

Further to this, employees aren't treated well, and shelter worker turnover is attrocious. Anyone who speaks out against management, questions policies... is fired. Even volunteers are asked not to come back. I've known this for a while. I've known people who volunteered there, worked there. I once volunteered there myself as a dog walker. I've joined Facebook groups calling for the resignation of the volunteer President, Tim Trow. I've read blogs, listened to past employee rants, and have known all too well what goes on there for quite some time. But how to stop it?

Kate Hammer, journalist for the Globe and Mail, has done an amazing thing here! And she and the Globe are no doubt being sued by the Toronto Humane Society for publishing the article. But good for her! The truth needed to come out. People are getting angry. The public backlash is about to begin, and Part Two and Part Three of the story have yet to be released.

Anxiously awaiting what comes next...

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